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Using data to reduce disparities in federal sentencing, one case at a time.

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What We Do

Sentencing disparities in federal criminal cases are widely documented. Two people who commit the same crime and have the same criminal history can receive dramatically different sentences depending on factors entirely outside of their own control--such as their race, gender, or even the courthouse they find themselves being prosecuted in. Our mission is to reduce disparities in federal criminal sentencing, one case at a time.

How We Do It

We provide expert reports containing data and analysis to defense attorneys for their use in sentencing. Our expert reports are custom tailored to each defense attorney's particular case, client, and facts. The expert reports are designed to (1) highlight any statistically likely disparity and (2) inform the judge about the sentences received by other defendants who committed a similar crime and have a similar criminal history in that jurisdiction and across the country.

If you are a defense attorney looking to make a sentencing argument with impact, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Data to support your sentencing position could make the difference for your client.



Product and Pricing

A flat fee of $400 per case delivers customized consulting and an expert report.

CUSTOMIZED CONSULTING for each unique case: we work with attorneys to answer their questions, understand how data may be helpful in sentencing advocacy, and to outline the analysis for the expert report.

EXPERT REPORT: each expert report contains a description of the case, summary findings, data analysis, a Disparity Flag Report to highlight whether a disparate outcome is likely for that client based on jurisdictional or national trends, and prior sentencing data from relevant cases for the court's review.

Our Partners

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Team Members

Erica Marshall

Erica Marshall

Founder & CEO

Erica Marshall is the President and Founder of Defendant Data Solutions. She formed the company after completing a Fellowship at the Office of the Federal Public Defender where she first learned about the disparities in federal criminal case outcomes. Erica is a graduate of George Mason School of Law and the Pennsylvania State University. She has worked to advocate for a fairer criminal justice system both professionally and in her community for years. Erica manages a state-wide criminal justice reform initiative for a Delaware nonprofit and has worked as a litigation attorney with a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. where she advocated for federal criminal justice reform and government accountability.

    Chris Williams

    Chris Williams

    Developer & Database Admin

    Chris is a data journalist with a passion for fair criminal justice.

      Latest News

      "Erica Marshall wins Great Dames 2018 Remarkable Ideas Competition" from the Delaware Business Times on November 7, 2018: Delaware Business Now wins nearly $30,000 in cash and services to further our goal of eliminating sentencing disparities in federal court.

      "Finalists pitch Remarkable Ideas at Great Dames event" from Delaware Business Now on October 15, 2018: Founder Erica Marshall pitches Defendant Data Solutions to the Great Dames.


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